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These are the comprehensive, full-color inspection and repair guides, which come FREE with the purchase of their corresponding DVDs, Identifying Problems in Your Home, Toilet Repair and Replacements, and Repairing Drywall and Matching Texture. The inspection guide correlating to Identifying Problems in Your Home also includes a line item rating, enabling you to roughly estimate repair costs associated with each part of a home.

Individual inspection and repair sections from these guides are not available for purchase alone. If you would like to purchase individual inspection or repair sections of any of the DVDs, which include their corresponding inspection or repair guide sections FREE, click here.

photo home inspection, toilet repair, drywall repair dvd

If you would like to purchase these guides in place of the DVDs, please understand that they are designed to function with their DVD counterparts, not apart from them. New City Studios cannot be responsible for obfuscation or missing pieces of information. Refunds are not given if you decide to purchase the DVD components later.

If you have purchased any of our DVDs from another website and have not received the corresponding FREE project guide, you can receive it by, first, creating an account in our shopping cart system, and then adding the guide to the cart and entering in the coupon code. If you do not have a coupon code, please email so that we can thank you and send you a coupon code to access the corresponding guide, free of charge.